5 Ways to Incorporate Custom Wedding Designs in Your Business

Jul 28, 2021

custom wedding rendering


custom wedding rendering

Add a secret weapon to your wedding business and bring to life entire reception, ceremony and cocktail hours in the form of custom wedding designs.

Oftentimes high-end clientele expect a level of detail and customisation to the experiences they invest in.  Just like when they invest in home renovations, they expect to be presented with custom designs that reflect your expertise and their investment.

You can add the investment for these luxury designs into your offerings for your high-end clientele or offer it to your clients as a design add-on.  Either way, you get to elevate your entire process and client experience at the same time.

Your clients want to work with you as they are aligned to your design style and they trust you as the expert.  Reinforce this by presenting cohesive and curated design presentations that help elevate your business as well as create a unique and emotive client experience.


It’s a real challenge presenting just the right amount of inspiration images to your clients.  To find the right balance between invigorating your clients’ creative juices but not overwhelming them with design options.

Presenting inspiration boards can be a lot to process for your not naturally creative clients and hoping they’ll be able to pick out the design and decor elements from each image and be able to visualise how it will all come together on their big day is a lot to ask.

By presenting custom illustrations of your design concepts you remove all of the design option overwhelm and can focus your design presentations on the specific decor and feel of the design.  You can even get a design sign-off quicker!

Add to your design offering a collection of bespoke illustrations of your clients’ table decor options or showcase different design elements of their big day with illustrations of, for example, a statement entrance floral design, their cake table, a feature bar or a ceremony backdrop.

custom wedding rendering


wedding table drawing

This is the perfect addition for those detailed clients who want to see how every element will look on their table, for designs that utilise statement table decor or if your design style as the planner is focused on the table design.

Imagine being able to present to your couple the table designs you can so clearly see in your own mind.  Imagine their reaction! 

By curating the designs you show your client you can manage their expectations with regards to their budget vs the wedding tables they’ve seen in inspiration images. You can present a refined set of designs that enable you to communicate that you understand them as a couple, you’ve understood their wedding vision and you’ve used your expertise to create a unique and relevant design just for them. 


With a surge in popularity of private residence weddings and for venues such as ranches, farms and non-wedding venues it’s often hard to collect the details of the layout and dimensions of the space let alone have it packaged in a beautiful format.

Using all of the information you already have as the planner as well as utilising online maps I can create an artistic impression of the venue space including key features of interior decor or landscape surroundings.  I can also make this to-scale if I have the dimensions so you can use the venue map in external layout software to plan out your wedding layout.

For venues that are under renovation or even under construction, custom renderings or illustrations are also a great way to communicate what your future venue space will look like.  These can be used in marketing material and online so you can show prospective clients the space you’re creating.

venue illustration


wedding illustration

You definitely don’t have to be an artist to create your own table and place setting illustrations on your iPad and bring to life the vision you have of your design concepts for your clients.

With hundreds of pre-drawn brush stamps and using my 10 step drawing process, you can learn to create and share illustrations of your own.

You can join over a hundred students and watch my step by step tutorials, learning at your own pace and add this unique design experience to your design offering.

This is great for destination clients who won’t get to experience an in-person table mock-up, or you can print the outputs and incorporate them into your own branded presentations for that customised feel.

Want to learn to bring your wedding designs to life?

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