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Learn To Draw

Wedding Table Illustrations 

On Your iPad

AT the course
Lesson 1
Intro to procreate

I’ll show you how to navigate the Procreate app, create canvases for different purposes, manage layers and some quick tips for basic drawing.

You’ll get familiar with which settings and tools I use all the time and my favorite shortcuts and gestures to speed things up.


Lesson 2

You’ll learn how to upload brush sets to your library and how to organize them as well as the difference between brush ‘stamps’ and ‘dynamic brushes’.

Next, we move onto adding color using my step by step process so you’ll be able to create beautiful table linens, metallic effects, wood textures and so much more.

Lesson 3
Creating a tablescape

Now that you are comfortable with navigating around Procreate, how to use brush sets and my process for adding color we can now start to build up your masterpiece.

We’ll add a table, chairs, place settings and candles all using my brush stamps so you don’t need to draw these items from scratch.

Lesson 4
Florals & greenery

Now the basic table is created we can start to explore ways of adding floral elements.  We’ll start by using the floral brush set to create individual flowers and build them up into centerpieces in vases.

Next, we’ll practice adding a greenery table runner and how to build an aerial installation over your table.

BONUS Lesson
Final Touches & Customizing

We’re going to finish off by learning how to add stylistic touches to your illustration such as adding highlights, shadows, light sources, backgrounds, text and your logo.

I’ll also share with you my process for creating custom components you might want to add from reference images.

Finally, we’ll learn how to share your artwork.

Let me guide you through my drawing process for creating beautiful tablescape illustrations in an easy to follow manner