What’s in store for 2020

Jan 7, 2020


In the year that my business turned two, I’ve had more time to focus on refining the services I know you love as well as start to think about introducing more services and products to help as many wedding and event planners as possible.

3D rendering is still my main focus and is still the service that I get the most requests for.  I’ve recently refined the service to make the outputs that I deliver even better and more valuable to your business.  Being my custom service, which offers a unique design each time, I have created a better process from the initial consultation to the revision stages and now even hand render each final output to ensure that your vision is captured perfectly.

I was also excited to release my first sketching templates collection in 2019 which has been a favorite with those who already sketch out their visions for their clients.  I recently surveyed those who purchased templates and they’ve asked for a bigger variety of templates, from ceremony arches to place settings, along with more tutorials showing how the templates can be used and how to build up a drawing.

Looking Forward

The festive period has been lovely this year, as I live in Vancouver and most of my family are in the UK, it’s been a fairly quiet time enjoying friends and lots of walks with my partner.  We’ve been reflecting on what worked well in 2019 and setting goals for 2020 (although I do find this so hard because I have so many creative ideas that I’d love to do).

A Promise

I’ve not been as consistent with creating value or being visible on social media as I would like (the shy girl took over in me)!  But, it’s a new year and that’s one of my main focuses as we move into 2020.  You can look forward to lots more social media content from me including behind the scenes videos, live design work and I’ll also be sharing insightful and educational blogs with you every month.

Wedding Design Illustration

In February 2020 I will be officially releasing my new wedding illustration service.  I have had many requests for this previously and have worked with wedding planners to create collections of design illustrations for their clients so now I want to offer this to all wedding and event planners.  I’ll be sharing more about this new service in the coming weeks and you can check out my website for illustration inspiration now.

In Other News

I have a very exciting design launch planned for this summer, but I will keep the details under my hat for now even though I want to shout from the rooftops about it!

Other than that I’m also looking forward to attending my 2nd Engage Summit, my first Rachel Hollis Rise Conference and taking vacations to the UK, San Diego, Florida, and Costa Rica.

What a year 2020 is going to be, I cannot wait!