Touchdowns to Tulle: An NFL Wedding Rendering

Apr 8, 2024

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Nevada’s desert landscape, Maxx Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders and his fiancĂ©e Rachel celebrated their union in a wedding that perfectly captured the essence of relaxed elegance and romantic charm. I created this collection of wedding rendering visuals for Ashley Creative Events to help her articulate her beautiful concept and the high-end details to her client.

The reception featured al fresco lounges that invited guests to revel in the beauty of the outdoors and a beautiful canopied dance floor awaited the celebration. Indoors, long tables with delicate floral linens were surrounded by tall and luscious olive trees and the sophisticated sparkle of crystal chandeliers. The reception was painted in a soft, dreamy palette of greens, nudes, and creams, creating an atmosphere that was as inviting as it was mesmerizing.

Ashley said why investing in wedding rendering is so valuable to her business, “Sometimes the design can be so easy for us designers to understand in our heads, but is hard to articulate and “paint the picture” for our clients. With Joanna’s wedding renderings, my clients are on board without hesitation. Not only does it help sell the client on the designs, but it allows me to make tweaks to ensure that the design concept in my head, actually reads well in the specs of the room and Joanna can help you visualize all of that”.

Find out how the design went from inspiration board to renderings to the real thing below.


wedding rendering


wedding rendering
wedding rendering
wedding rendering
wedding rendering


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