Subtle Southern Charm | A Concept Brought To Life

Apr 16, 2020

01. The Design Board

Each 3D rendered wedding commission starts with a consultation call.

I work with you one on one to bring your vision to life so you can elevate your design presentations and present stunning images of your vision for your couples’ big day (just like those cool interior design 3D renders Joanna Gaines presents!

On the call, we talk through the overall look and feel of the wedding concept, the venue, any design challenges you have, any aspects the couple can’t quite visualize, plus a little bit of small talk, obviously!

We also take a look at the reference images, floor plans, notes, and design boards for the design so I can ensure I capture all of the venue features and decor elements you want to showcase in your design images.

02. The 3D Rendered Design

03. The Wedding

Photo Credit: Anna Shackleford Photography

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