3 ways I’m helping wedding planners during COVID-19

Jun 8, 2020

  1. Maintaining Excitement and Client Relationships

Most of my clients had the finishing line in sight for their upcoming summer and autumn weddings but now the event might be another year away!  The design might be complete and there isn’t really any specific reason to contact your couples for a while so the challenge is how can you maintain that relationship with your couples over the next year?

For planners who can’t meet with their clients in person, sending a surprise rendered design as a custom art gift to ignite that excited spark in them for their new wedding date is a lovely and elevated touch. You can even print my designs on paper and get them framed.

Destination weddings always have the challenge of distance but that is even more of a challenge when we don’t know when we will be able to travel again.  Communicating with your vendors and team about a design when you are located in different countries or even continents is a challenge but renderings can help visually represent all aspects of your design easily and can be shared virtually.

2. Design Change Updates

I’ve seen with many of my clients that with a postponed wedding comes further design changes that wouldn’t have happened had the wedding been on the original chosen date.  Here are some of the scenarios I’ve already done design changes for:

– The wedding budget can now accommodate the dream flower arrangements the bride has always wanted.

– The couple can now book at the venue they wanted but wasn’t available on their original date.

– Now it will be another year until all the family can be together, it’s an opportunity to go all out and invite all the guests they originally wanted which changes the reception table count.

– The custom indoor 10′ cherry trees you were expecting to be shipped from China now aren’t an option in your new venue.

The beauty of digital 3D rendered designs is that revisions can be made quickly to work through these types of design options and changes. 

From a single 3D render of a cocktail hour bar showcasing options for your clients’ new design vision to a full reception render which has many changing elements based on a new budget, the flexibility is there for me to make design revisions.

3. Payment Plans

For 3D rendered design projects I am now offering the opportunity to split the payments over 3 months.

I wanted to offer this as an option as I know it has been a tough time for us all in this industry and I also know so many of you are looking at elevating your design services with 3D designs in 2020 and moving forward.


If you have any other suggestions of ways I can help please email me at joanna@conceptweddingdesigns.com