Convent & Cocktails | A 3D Wedding Visualization

Sep 7, 2020

01. The Design Details

In 2019 I worked with Michelle Norwood of Michelle Norwood Events on a 3D visualization for a wedding reception for her clients.

Michelle has been named one of the top wedding planners in the world by Harpers Bazaar.  Based in the beautiful south her designs exude New Orleans personality and this one was no exception.

Working with the various outdoor areas of the New Orleans Old Ursuline Convent she created a journey for the guests from cocktails from the signature bar on arrival, to the smoking lounge in the Father’s lawn, oyster bar, scotch bar, DJ tent and the dining tent. 

This is how the 3D wedding render came to life, from the design board to full concept visualization.


02. The 3D Rendered Design

I created a full replica of the venue exterior including the rear aspect of the convent itself, the ornamental gardens and included key features of the venue such as a mural set within the exterior wall and statues that surrounded the oyster bar.

03. The Wedding

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