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What if you could present your clients with stunning wedding table concepts, even with your busy schedule?

Whether you want to sketch out different ideas during design development, quickly sketch table concepts during client consultations or present custom hand illustrated designs to your couples, my templates can help.

These templates are for you if:

  • You want to get straight to illustrating your concept
  • Your schedule is too busy for you to sketch from scratch
  • You don’t have time to learn how to sketch tables in perspective
  • You sketch multiple design ideas before finalizing the concept
  • You want to compare design ideas side by side
  • You love adding a touch of custom art to your client presentations

Each collection of sketch templates includes hand-drawn outlines of tables and chairs from three different angles.  Every rectangle table and round table collection contains five templates and the square collections contain three templates.

Once printed you can choose to sketch and render straight onto the template or start a drawing from scratch by tracing the outlines.

Pick your collection based on table shape (Rectangle, Round or Square) and chair style (Chiavari, Crossback, King Louis, Ghost).


Wedding table sketch templates

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