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At Concept Wedding Designs, we offer outstanding bespoke wedding illustrations and 3-Dimensional renders with meticulous care.

Our stunning lifelike visualizations enable you to attract new clients with premium services ideal for elite clientele. With breathtaking replicas and animations of venues, decor, and ambience, couples can easily visualize the abstract details and nuanced elements of your designs.  

Our impressive outputs emphasize your expertise and establish creative trust; solidifying your luxury position in the industry. With stunning lifelike renderings, proposals and presentations are transformed, reflecting the precious value of your services.

This enhanced visualization elevates the design process by reducing indecision and option fatigue. With a clear understanding of your concepts, couples move swiftly through each phase of the production. Our bespoke hand-drawn illustrations, 3-Dimensional renders, and animations are creatively inspired and beautiful. Your clients will thrill in their ability to feel the enchanting ambience of your designs.

Our artisanal illustrations, animations, and 3-Dimensional outputs are shared with you in digital formats for ease and efficiency.  Our conceptual designs can be shared instantly with suppliers and venues for flawless execution and orchestration. With meticulous attention to detail, our lifelike 3-Dimensional renders, illustrations and animations ensure perfect adherence to your concepts. They simplify communication between client, designer, and suppliers. Dedicated to excellence in service, our renderings are accessible on tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Awaken Your Concept Presentations

Bring your conceptual ideas to life with the details that define your design’s style, mood, and ambience. Unveil your creativity with the following elements to elevate your wedding proposals and client presentations.


Accurately understand your venue’s space and capacity to set the scene you visualize.

Crafted in exquisite detail, our 3-Dimesnsional renderings enable you to communicate with a range of room decor designs, colours, and styles to create the perfect ambience. Easily visualize your venue’s existing furniture and architectural features to fully digest their effects on your design.


See the magic of your concepts in lifelike detail with artistic 3-Dimensional renders of your event design. Completely tailored to your specifications, our impeccable visualizations allow you to decide the elements such as room decor and draping, fabrics, finishes, and floral concepts. Our bespoke images and animations also display the nuanced effects of lighting, colours, entertainment elements and custom build structures.


We offer a number of outputs and options to bring your wedding ideas to life. Exhibiting meticulous care and attention, our detailed design outputs include artistically rendered 3D images and animation walkthroughs. Crafted with a skilled touch to enhance and visualise different times of day, mood, and concept vision. We also provide hand-illustrations for smaller design concepts.

Your Wedding Concepts From Ideation To Visualization

Your wedding illustration, 3-Dimensional render, or animation begins with a detailed review of your design requirements, design focus, venue, and event details. These details allow us to streamline the process for efficiency and optimization of time and creativity. Follow the next steps to bring your concept to life:



After discussing your concept(s) we’ll create a detailed proposal based on your requirements. An estimate of the design’s completion date and delivery will be scheduled.



You’ll upload your design details including venue images, floor plan and dimensions, event layout, inspiration images, fabrics and colours, rental furniture images, event décor, floral concepts, notes and more.



You’ll be sent draft images for creative approval or to request revisions.



After the review process, the final illustrations will be artistically rendered and animated if applicable.  Finished design outputs will be released to share, print, and present commercially after the final acceptance and proposal conditions are met.

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