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Our clients can see the vision, making our job so much easier...

I had always wished there was a way to create visuals like those done for interior design but for weddings. I was immediately drawn to Concept Wedding Designs because of the amazing visuals that showcase design concepts in a way that wasn't translating as well to my clients through standard floor plans and vision boards. This adds significant value to my event design business and especially for my clients who could not quite visualize everything coming together in a space the way I could in my mind. Joanna has created stunning renderings to showcase my event designs for a styled photo shoot and for my upcoming Quincea├▒era event, and I am excited to continue working with her on my future events!

Gabriela Schreiber

Creating comprehensive venue maps has always been a struggle for me. The amount of time it would take to create a deliverable that was barely presentable was a clear misuse of my time and skills. I am so thankful to have found Joanna and CWD!! From start to finish she was accommodating, professional and the product she delivers is of the highest quality! I am confident and proud to share her designs with my clients. I look forward to long term collaboration with CWD!

Brooke A Baker

Joanna is remarkable! I explained to her my design ideas and we worked through the process (which was very smooth) of providing a brilliant 3D rendering of our event space. For all of my event professionals, you should definitely use Concept Wedding Designs as a part of your services - your clients will be overjoyed and will be able to see the vision before their event. Much love from the team at Perfect Planning Events.

Tara Melvin

I can't say enough good things about working with Joanna Adam of Concept Wedding Designs to take our client's design proposal to the next level! We do very detailed design proposals and presentations for our wedding couples, and we hired Joanna to create some amazing renderings and 3D animations of the spaces. We just finished up our meeting and our clients were blown away! (We did their other daughter's wedding 5 years ago, and they loved this design experience so much more.) Thank you SO MUCH Joanna for all of your help; this really helped the bride's father understand what they're getting for their money, and he's on board with everything we proposed! I can't wait to do business with you again!

Laura Davis